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Advanced Squares of Fremont

has announced effective Jan 1, 2019 individual dances will be increased to $15.00 a person.  Advanced Squares has also announced a way to beat the price by paying a low $100.00 for the entire year which covers all 12 dances to be held during 2019.


Check out this detailed look at the savings.

Attend all 12 dances, your net cost is only $ 8.33 each

Attend only 11 dances, your net cost is still only $ 9.09 each.

Attend only 10 dances, your net cost is only $ 10.00 each.

Attend only 9 dances, your net cost is $ 11.11 each.

Attend only 8 dances, your still ahead at $ 12.50 each.

Attend only 7 dances, your net cost is $ 14.29 each.

Attend only 6 dances, your net cost is $ 16.67 each. (Well, you’re better off paying for each dance separately then)

The rules are simple:

 Payment is only good for the person specified, no substitutions.

This means if Mike pays for Mike and Sue, but he brings Karen instead, Karen is NOT covered.

Rates are only for calendar year 2019, no refunds or exchanges, period.

You can pay the $100 any time, but the savings are obviously greatest if you pay in January.

You can pay Mike in person, or mail Mike a check payable to Mike Luna.

Mail to Mike Luna:   P.O. Box 10301, Westgate Station, San Jose CA 95117.

Questions (408) 275-8637 or email

By doing this you will save money and help Mike pay for the hall in advance.